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Milan Design Week : Marko Macura

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Milan Design Week : Marko Macura

Earlier in the week we wrote about the Milan Design Week listing the Top 100 ‘not to miss shows’, including some of the smaller & less recognized brands. One showing we failed to include however, was Reflections an exhibition of works produced by Marko Macura & Jacco Bergonje.

From the 16th – 21st of April, Marko Macura will premiere his new designs in the Zona Tortona area of Milan, in a shared exhibit with Jacco Bregonje called Reflectons. The Sulla Luna Bench, previously available in brass or aluminium, will be presented in two metres of black, along with the Nebula lamp and Mimi after the jump.

You can check out the exhibition at Studio, Via Novi 2, Tortona, 28 Milano; and if you’re Press they’re open for previews the night before. We’ve included some of his pieces below, he produces some gorgeous pieces in our view.


mimi marko macura


Nebula Antique Mirror

Nebula for Antique Mirror

Sulla Luna Lumas

Sulla Luna Lumas

About Marko

Born in Belgrade, Serbia, in 1971, he moved to New York at the age of 10 completing his undergraduate studies at the “Rhode Island School of Design” in 1989. A year later, his education continued in Switzerland at the “Art Centre College of Design” (Europe) where he graduated with honours in 1994.

Marko later joined Philips Design in the Netherlands where he worked on visionary and strategic projects. Though in 2002, he established his own studio, ‘Marko Macura Design’, in Eindhoven. The studio focuses on creative design solutions for the furniture and lighting industries as well as on interior and consumer electronics design.

He states that the mission of ‘Marko Macura Design’ is a pursuit of distinct and original ideas, objects and spaces that are inspired by our background, experience and cultural exposure. It echoes Marko’s views and sensibilities shaped by the diverse settings in which he lived during his formative and professional years. A red thread of narrative and cultural inspiration, and humour and functional ideas rather than a formalistic style characterizes his body of work. The studio helps industry and clients innovate and differentiate through an understanding of materials and production processes.

In 2007 Marko was awarded the first prize from Alcantara Lab for the design Angolo created in collaboration with Ingeborg van Uden under the chairmanship of Giulio Cappellini. Upcoming 2008 projects include new limited edition series, interior projects, as well as new furniture and accessory designs. Marko also devotes a part time schedule as a strategic design consultant for Philips Design as well as devoting time to teaching. He boasts an impressive client list including BRF italy, Sputnik/IDEE Japan, Chi Ha Paura…?, Droog Design, Reuge, emr design and Felicerossi.

Other Marko Macura pieces we love

Spotnik Lamp

Spotnik Lamp for IDEE

Smile Arm Chair

BRF’s Smile Arm Chair

Felicerossi Oros

Felicerossi Oros Sofa, Bench and Chaise Lounge.

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